ONE AND DONE now available … and we’re in it!


ONE AND DONE, a charitable anthology from InvestComics ( is now available for purchase. “ONE AND DONE” is a collection of 1-page graphic tales of various genres (horror, super hero, fantasy, comedy) that have one common connection — they all end in Death! We were happy to include five stories in the book which features nearly 50 one-page fatal tales and a “KILLER EXTRAS” section with addtional pinup art and original content. ONE AND DONE is a mere $6.99 and all proceeds go to support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. InvestComics is supporting the book with a series of creator interviews. We were thrilled to be the 1st (we had the most stories in the book!), and you can read our interview and see samples of our submissions here:

We would appreciate it if you’d share the link for the book’s online website, write a favorable review or pick up a copy. Here is the link:

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